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Unique and unmistakable: models that have written the history of eyewear. CAZAL Legends has absolute cult status! Their pioneering look is defined by the hip-hop style of the 80s and to this day

Inside the frame is engraved the name, the caliber, the color of the glasses and the category of the filter;


Each frame is delivered in a black rectangular hard leather case engraved with the Cazal Legends logo with a microfiber film and a microfiber pouch.


Cal. 42 □ 26


Auction 145  mm.

Cazal Legends mod. 002 Limited Edition

SKU: C0008
Preordinando questo modello la consegna subirà un aumento dei tempi d'attesa che può variare dai 5 ai 10 giorni, più la consegna entro 48 ore. Provvederemo a comunicarti l'esatta tempistica non appena contattato il fornitore

    Some models, as they are strongly handcrafted, may differ slightly from the photo.
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