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Starting from nature as a source of inspiration, advanced technologies, such as thermoforming, are used to give life to the collection. imposing and jagged icebergs, set in the frame, emerge from the freezing water. irregular shapes that recall the relationship between man and nature, asymmetrical frames like the unpredictability of icebergs but smooth as ice.

From the energy flow that connects the artifice to nature, oceania is born, a frame with an octagonal shape and a delicate design that creates enchanting sculptural motifs. oceania has a light titanium core, inserted in a crystalline vortex of acetate, this innovative mix creates a unique floral effect.

Complete with anti-shock case and cloth for cleaning the lenses.


Cal. 57 □ 19


Auction 140  mm.

Oscar Mamooi Oceania

SKU: O0004
Preordinando questo modello la consegna subirà un aumento dei tempi d'attesa che può variare dai 5 ai 10 giorni, più la consegna entro 48 ore. Provvederemo a comunicarti l'esatta tempistica non appena contattato il fornitore

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